Complex Models & Regenerative Medicine

regen_medDuring this session you can expect to hear about the latest advances using iPSC-derived cells in complex models and regenerative medicine applications, such as the formation of organotypic tissue systems, the repair of human tissues and the bioengineering of transplantable human organs using various technologies.

Disease Modeling & Drug Discovery

drug_discoveryLearn about the increasingly important role that iPSC-derived cells are playing in improving and shortening several steps in the drug development pipeline. As robust and readily available disease models that exhibit relevant phenotype and function, iPSC-generated cells are fueling the discovery of new medicines.

Predictive Toxicology

predictive_tox_1to1With many potential new drugs failing to launch because of toxicity issues, there is a need for better tools to assess toxicity liability. Session speakers will present data demonstrating that the consistent biology, abundant supply, and reproducible results provided by iPSC-derived cells enable them to predict toxicity early in the discovery process.

Call for Abstracts

posterHave a  poster you want to present at iForum 2016 US or EU? Please send us a short description to join the discussion. Select poster presenters will be awarded a 5 minute podium talk.